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Our Vision


Everyone appreciates the cultural diversity of today's Birmingham population. This diversity also bears the inequalities within communities due to reasons beyond its remits. Bangladeshi and other Minority Ethnic Communities in Aston, Lozells Handsworth and others parts of Birmingham City Council have unfortunately fallen into the shallow end of opportunity pool. Our vision is to help people to reach maximum potential of their life so that they can contribute fullest to the community and bring equalities within the whole community.


To achieve our vision we have set out the followings:


  • To provide advice, information and advocacy support to local people affected by poverty and deprivation and to help them improve their quality of life.
  • To provide educational support to underachieving children and young people so that they can perform better at their mainstream school.
  • To provide initiatives that tackles the physical and mental health of people.
  • To promote community cohesion that will help them facilitate social integration, social and religious tolerance and bring harmony amongst all sections of the community.
  • To provide safe environment that will encourage participation, engagement and volunteering from people of all different walks of life.
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