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Lozells Community Initiatives is a grass roots level organisation which provides services and facilities to the local community. We have successfully delivered programmes and events


Lozells Community Engagement & Skills Programme (Completed)


Our project is focused on strengthening communities and our objectives are:


·To empower and engage local people living in the Lozells area of Birmingham to become active citizens.


·To engage local people into volunteering actions to enable them to make positive contributions top their local communities


·To encourage local people to share their passions and skills with people who need to encourage in meaningful activity and redevelopment of their social skills


·To build the skills and knowledge of the people involved in our organisation who are the management committee, volunteers and well wishers who give support to our organisation


·To recruit local people from the wider community in the Aston, Lozells, East Handsworth and neighbouring wards of Birmingham City Council who want to do community volunteering work..


Awareness Programmes:


' Say No to Domestic Abuse' - Bangladeshi Women's Domestic Violence Project (Completed)


Our project is specifically targeted to support, guide and advice women at an early stage – focusing on early intervention rather than after a prolonged period of violence and abuse. Our aim is to reduce the risk that women may experience or may face vulnerable to it earlier on by helping, supporting and guiding women to reduce their tolerance or acceptance of domestic violence.


  • We work with families including partners to educate them about the importance of developing relationships based on equality and respect. Create an environment where women will have the confidence to discuss their issues in a safe, secure and friendly environment.
  • We actively work to raise awareness of domestic violence issues amongst Bangladeshi Women for the purpose of preventing occurrence or re-occurrence.
  • We provide confidential bilingual advice, guidance and counseling support to access services for themselves and their children who have been victims of domestic violence or are feeling vulnerable to it whether it is health, housing, mental health care, sexual health care, family planning, or maternity care that is sensitive to their culture.
  • Signpost and referrals to appropriate service providers.




Drug Education & Information Services


Do you have a drug or a drug related problem in your family?
If so! Please contact us for confidential advice and support


We Provide:


  • Drug Awareness and Education Workshop Programmes geared for parents, children and young women
  • Bi-lingual Advice and Counseling Services
  • Information Mail out
  • Outreach Support through Home Visit
  • Volunteers Training on Drug Awareness & Prevention
  • Confidential Telephone Help Line


ESOL with Food & Hygiene Programme (Completed)

·ESOL with food & Hygiene programme was delivered in partnership with Aston Pride and Birmingham city council.

·ESOL with food & Hygiene was delivered to promote:

·English Language Skills

·Communication skills

·Food & Hygiene awareness

Training for Employment

At LCI we are dedicated to helping long-term unemployed people back into sustainable employment or to access training opportunities. With our uniquely personal approach we can help people to find the right job by supporting you through the whole process finding suitable employment.

Many people initially lack motivation and confidence, yet we can demonstrate that once worked with and developed, many of these people have exactly the skills that employers want – they are just unaware they possess them.

LCI can provide Advice, Information and Guidance:

·Offering a flexible and personalised training package that will be tailored towards individual needs

·One to one Job search support

·CV Preparation

·Completing Job application Forms

·Interview Preparation Support

·Ongoing mentoring support to sustain employment

·Offer a wide range of courses to compliment and build on existing skills and qualifications

We also provide a culturally sensitive service aimed at Asian women where service is provided by women. There’s a suitable job out there for everyone. Let LCI help you take the first steps to a brighter future.

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